MONAD is an international art collective.

Legere (animator, artist, musician) &  Rodwell (game developer , animator) collaborate on building fully randomized point-scoring and environmental games using hand-drawn, fine art animation. These have been the basis for many of their NFTs. 


PHOEBE LEGERE is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary artist. Legere’s art operates in the space between video, ecology, engineering, painting, drawing, sculpture, text, dance, music, performance art, alternative energy, and wearables.

Legere’s NFT’s combine 3D and hand-painted animation with live-action and original music. Legere’s Performance Art spectacles include wearable computers, giant rideable, interactive sculptures, and live painting. Her paintings and installations are held by major institutions and collectors.

Legere is of Native American (Eastern Abenaki) and Cajun descent. She believes that art and imagination are critically important to the future of humanity.  

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